Achieving fast flood modelling for large-scale problems using modern hardware with parallel capabilties.

The high-speed AI-based flood modelling system

Commercial Applications

CAFlood has produced high quality, high-speed flood simulations in a range of commercial applications including insurance, consultancy and traditional flood mapping.  Click here for more information about our flexible licencing schemes.

Research Groups and Academics

CAFlood has been used by researchers around the world to support their research in flood management and hydrology.   Click here for more information about these exciting projects and how you could use CAFlood in your research.

Case Studies

CAFlood has been applied across a range of flooding scenarios and scales.  Click here for a selection of CAFlood case studies illustrating the diverse range of potential applications of this powerful tool.

CAFlood in action

This video demonstrates the use of CAFlood in the town of Paignton in the South-West of England. 

Torbay Council adopted CAFlood, as a part of the EU H2020 EU-CIRCLE project, for high-resolution holistic flood risk assessment in Torquay, Paignton and Brixham under multiple current and future climate conditions, with both pluvial and coastal flooding. The application enabled comprehensive analyses of the effectiveness of various adaptation measures such as raising the existing or adding a secondary flood wall with different height options.