Features & Benefits

There has never been a more important time to model flooding and its effects on the landscape and infrastructure. Climate change will increase the likelihood and consequence of flooding events across the globe, putting important infrastructure, countless homes and businesses at risk of serious damage. Computational simulations of flooding are therefore becoming increasingly important to allow local authorities, governments and companies to prepare for likely flooding scenarios in the years ahead.

CAFLOODPRO is an AI-based fast flood modelling solution that allows users to run flood models in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. CAFLOODPRO is the culmination of three years of intensive research by academics at the University of Exeter. Using a cutting-edge computer technique known as cellular automaton, CAFLOODPRO can generate up to 20x faster flood modelling on Central Processing Units (CPUs) and Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) than the industry standard. This speed-up allows for most simulations to be run on standard retail PC hardware and opens up a host of more complex usage scenarios than is possible with traditional techniques.

The speed and flexibility of CAFLOODPRO

Provides the capability to run large-scale simulations on a desktop PC

Enables the execution of many repeated simulations (eg, what-if scenarios or the simulation of thousands of pipe bursts within a water distribution network)

Allows the user to adjust the simulation speed and accuracy according to operational requirements