Why does CAFlood run faster than traditional simulation methods?

  • CAFlood uses a computational technique known as cellular automata that considers only local interactions between cells in discrete time and space.

What hardware is required to run CAFlood?

  • Currently, CAFlood can be run on any modern Windows PC (please contact us for a beta Linux version), and will make use of multi-core CPUs and GPUs (graphical processing units) within the PC.

Can we run CAFlood/Pro in the cloud?

  • CAFlood/Pro can be run on private cloud services to which the licenced organisation only has access. It must not be made available on systems where users other than those from the licenced company could gain access.

How much does a CAFlood/Pro licence cost?

  • CAFlood is free to download and trial using the link here.
  • CAFloodPro can be licenced typically for periods from 6 months upwards .  Other licence terms available on application – please contact us

How many seats does a CAFloodPro licence serve?

  • CAFloodPro licences are unlimited within a licenced organisation. Licences are limited by duration only, not by seat.

What support is included in the licence?

  • 3 days technical support is included per 12-month licence period.  

What is the difference between CAFlood and CAFloodPro?

  • The differences between the two systems are explained on our download page.

 What input files are required to run a simulation?

  • Simple text files are used to input all settings, which are detailed in the instructions; Arc ASCII format rasters are required for terrain data.

What output formats can the simulation data be saved to?

  • Arc ASCII format for rasters and comma separate value (CSV) files for lists of values

Our organisation doesn’t have the time/capability to perform the flood modelling ourselves, can we outsource it to you?

  • We can engage in contract research or consultancy to run your simulations and deliver results based on your requirements.  Please contact us for an initial discussion.

CAFlood doesn’t quite meet our needs at present and would need to be adapted, can you make modifications?

  •  We are able to implement modifications to the system to create bespoke applications.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I use CAFlood for my research?

  • We are always interested in hearing from academic institutions about potential collaborations and research applications of CAFlood.  CAFlood is free to download to use for research purposes (although please reference one of our publications in any published work arising).  If you wish to use CAFloodPro in your research, please get in touch for a discussion.